Monday, 17 August 2009

Sharing the heart ...

My Dad sent me this today on my 31st birthday, 3 years after my wedding;


I was in the library the other day and found the book which had a passage that I always intended reading at your wedding. I was really depending on using the reading at your wedding as my abilities at making speeches are akin to Mike Tyson attempting flower arranging - with gloves on! But, unfortunately, I mislaid the book during one of our many house moves. It is from In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith.

The character, Mma Makutsi, has just accepted a proposal of marriage and is contemplating the moment. She reminds me of you (leaving aside the fact that she is black, African and wears large Deirdre Barlow spectacles) and the thoughts that would pass through your mind.

Mma Makutsi gathered her thoughts, standing before the window, looking out to the trees in the distance and the evening sun on the grey-green hills beyond the trees. She had so much to think about: her past, and the place from where she had come; her family who would be so pleased with this news up there in Bobonong; and her late brother, Richard, who would never know about this, unless, of course, he was watching from somewhere, which he might be, for all she knew. She loved this country, which was a good place, and she loved those with whom she lived and worked. She had so much love to give – she had always felt that – and now there was somebody to whom she could give this love, and, that, she knew was good; for that is what redeems us, that is what makes our pain and sorrow bearable – this giving of love to others, this sharing of the heart.

Happy birthday!