Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers Day Letter - 2009

Dear Laura

I thought that as it is Mother's Day this weekend I would let you know what a fantastic mother you are and how proud I am of the way you and [the husband] are bringing up your children.

[the 3 year old] and [the 4 year old] are wonderful children with terrific outgoing and intelligent personalities which is a lot to do with your skills as a mother.

I know only too well the huge void that you feel with the loss of your mother but I am positive that she is watching over you and, had she lived to see her grandchildren she would be equally proud of you.

Your blog posts are amazing and reading them from far away in Spain has kept me close to you all and given me so much pleasure.

My Mother's Day present to you is a picture to remind you I am now just over the hill!

All my love



  1. How gorgeous. What a lovely Grandpa!!! x

  2. I used to call my father, Pops. He died in 2002, at Christmas, I still miss him.

  3. What a lovely letter. He's obviously so proud of you (and has every right to be, you are rather lovely)