Monday, 20 April 2009

A Mum Shaped Hole

Would she think they look like me?

Would she admire my handsome boy all snails, scooters and bold adventure?

Would she smile at my beautiful girl all bossy and hands on hips smelling of apples and wilful charm?

Would her heart melt when they called her name?

Would she be my shoulder to cry on when life is tough?

Would we laugh so hard that tears would fall?

I wish they had known her, and I for longer

I wish she was here

I miss my mum.
Originally written last year and posted on Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?


  1. I can't imagine not having my mother around in my life.
    Well done you for being so strong and for being a wonderful mummy/wife.

  2. I've just discovered your serious blog! I read this poem when you first posted it on your other blog and it made me cry. I was at work at the time, my colleagues think I'm a right weirdo. You write so beautifully about your mum, one I really loved was click click bang bang. You should post it here for anyone that missed it.

  3. Just discovered your other blog; this poem is beautiful.