Saturday, 7 May 2011

Her favourite place ...

We used to go for walks together here with Mum. It is also the site of the first egg rolling championships. It's near Harewood House and somewhere I take my children now. You can see for miles and miles. We scattered Mum's ashes here, but I don't remember much about that.

Usually I don't ponder the significance when I'm there but the last time I went was Mother's Day. I walked with a lump in my throat. I had wanted to take a picture of the view but there were loads of people milling about so I couldn't get a good shot.

My Sister took this picture last week and sent it to me. The bench wasn't there when Mum was alive. I like to think it's somewhere she would have sat looking over her favourite view and thinking.


  1. Beautiful photo with special memories attached. x

  2. Hello Laura. I love reading this poignant posts and feel the love you had for your mum. I have just met a man whose wife died in a car accident last year. They had 2 children, a girl aged 9 and a boy aged 4. I can't get them out of my mind. I can't get the mother out of my mind. I have an urge to be there for the children, even tho they don't know me from Adam. I want to help them keep memories of their mother alive...even tho I didn't know their mother at all. It made me think of you.